Wedding at Holiday Valley

Matt and Katia

These two had a BEAUTIFUL wedding at Holiday Valley. The love they share is timeless. They once told us "We are very much friends first, we can talk about almost anything with each other. That being said, we are very much like an old married couple already" Spending the day with them, you knew this was true! They were full of love, laughs and genuinely having a good time.

Getting Ready

The guys and ladies decided to get ready on site. With such a big space and the options of being separate it was perfect! And less travel to multiple locations.

Katia got Matt a gift she knew he would love. Those are some of the best moments as a photographer, capturing pure and real emotion.

First Look

We absolutely love when couples choose to do a first look. But a lot of our couples want to keep it traditional and see each other walking down the aisle. In exchange, some brides will do a parent first look! Still a great moment to share. Some parents are already so emotional on a wedding day but these moments give them a chance to have an intimate moment where they can be real and vulnerable and not worry about what anyone else thinks.


Having an outdoor ceremony can be a blessing and a disaster. It always leaves the question of weather. But when everything works out, it can make for the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding!

Wedding Party

Your wedding party should consist of those near and dear to you who will help amplify your wedding! They are the hype team, the emotional support and the fun of the wedding. Choosing the best people will help you have the best day.

If your thinking about an Ellicottville wedding you definitely have options. Choosing as as your photographers is a great one! Contact us today to book a consult.