one word. EPIC.

There are SO many beautiful, memorable places to be proposed to in Ellicottville, NY. The Gazebo at Ellicottville is filled with rich history, and their beautiful decoration during the winter season made it the PERFECT setting for Brock to propose to the love of his life, Bri.

When Brock had approached us with his plan to propose to Bri at the gazebo in Ellicottville, we couldn't have said YES quickly enough! Planning had begun and before we knew it the night had arrived and we were all buzzing with anticipation. When we had gotten the gazebo we noticed we were the only ones there. SCORE! What was promised to be a fun vacation for the two of them was about to become a special moment they both will look back on for the rest of their lives.

To set the scene, we placed a ring light right against the gazebo to add some extra lighting. I was afraid of this be suspicious, as Bri wasn't supposed to know we were there to capture the moment! It actually worked out to our favor, as Bri thought the town had placed it there for selfies by the tree. As they both bent down to take a picture, Brock got on one knee and asked Bri to spend the rest of her life with him.

thats when we stepped in.

To back-track a little bit, Cedric and I posed as a couple playing around with their drone. We sat on the stoop of a near-by building, just waiting for everything to unfold. Once we saw Brock start to get on his knee, we knew it was time to swoop in and start capturing the moment. The complete shock, and intense feeling of love flooded Bri's face and we are both SO SO SO happy we were able to capture this special moment.

After a resounding YES, and a few giggles we started to take some BEAUTIFUL portraits while this lovely couple started their first moments of being engaged! We got to share some laughs, learn more about eachother, and in the end we walked away with some GREAT shots. Congratulations again to this beautiful couple, and we wish you the best on your lives together.

Below are some more pictures Cedric and I captured from this EPIC night in Ellicottville. If you are ever questioning if you should photograph your proposal, the answer should always be HECK YES!