What to Wear for Your Winter Engagement Session

You’re getting married! What an exciting time. And a little overwhelming, right? I’m here to help with style tips for your upcoming winter engagement photo session. Having pictures taken in the winter months means playing around with wardrobe pieces that you might otherwise dismiss; for example, outerwear and winter accessories. My most important tip is this: take a few minutes to plan your outfits and your day will go much smoother. It means you’ll feel more relaxed and that will definitely show in your pictures.

Before we begin, I want to wish you congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. My husband and I still have fond memories of our engagement photo shoot. This is a time for just the two of you, so enjoy every moment.

Style Tips:


Above everything else, this is going to be your key wardrobe piece. With cold weather temperatures, you’ll need a coat to keep warm and looking stylish.

Not interested in buying a new coat? Check out Rent the Runway since they have plenty of coat options that you can rent for as little as $30. Plus, they have fur coats too. Of course you can always try borrowing a coat from your friend too!


Scenery in winter months is more muted so break out your favorite colors! Reds, greens, purples, and blues will all look great against any winter backdrop. Make sure they are not bright colors but more muted tone or gem tones so they are rich and deep.


Add color or dress up your coat with winter accessories. Check out fun options that you can find at any department store or even at Target or Amazon. Scarfs are wonderful!


Even though it will be cold, you should still make sure your outfit is perfect, just in case it gets warm enough to take your coat off! Even if just for a quick moment. The sweater dress is a stylish winter wardrobe option that would be perfect for this occasion.


Leggings have come a long way and you have many textures to choose from – leather, cable knit, moto style, and patterned. Plus, they are easy to tuck into boots.


Look for streamlined winter boot options that will keep you warm and complete your outfit. Uggs are great for warmth and comfort but they add a lot of bulk to your feet and ankles. Instead, try something more tailored. I highly recommend the over-the-knee boot for style and extra warmth!


The finishing touches will make a big difference in your final pictures so consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done.

Tips for the Guys

You both should look coordinated and not matchy. To make sure your outfits do not clash lay out your clothes, including coats and winter accessories, next to each other. Or, take a picture of each and compare side by side so you can get a feel for the overall look. Send us your pics and we can give you advice!

How to Vary Your Outfits

To give yourself variety, choose one casual outfit and one dressier version.


Here’s a pro stylist tip: Heat Tech by Uniqlo. Wear one of these t-shirts underneath as a base layer to keep you warm without adding bulk. Uniqlo also makes socks, tights, hats and gloves with the Heat Tech technology so be sure to take a look.

Outfit Examples